dhoom 3 game free download

Download Dhoom 3 Game For PC,Android, iOS 7 | Dhoom 3 Game APK Free Download

Every bollywood movie lover is  eagerly waiting for Dhoom 3 starring Amir Khan, Katrina kaif and Abhishek Bachchan. Movie set to release on 25th Dec 2013. Movie producers always comes up with some new promotion tactics to promote their movie and now it’s Dhoom 3 Game. They always try to reach audience for publicity.We have experienced huge response for Modi Run based on Mr. Narendra Modi and Krrish 3 Android Game.

dhoom 3 game free download

Download Dhoom 3 Game:

Dhoom 3 game has been developed and released by 99 games. Dhoom 3 the games is available on Android , Windows and iTunes users. Dhoom 3 is getting overwhelming response from users. This is the first game which is officially available on all these three platforms.

How to Play Dhoom 3 Game on PC (Windows/ Mac):

Dhoom 3 Game producers did that good thing making available game on every platform , but what if you want to play this game on your pc or computer. As many of us might need to play this game on computer. Well here I have explaining some really quick ways to play Dhoom 3 game on computer. Just simply follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to play this game on your desktop including windows or mac.

If you want to play Android Game on your computer, you need Android simulator. There are lot of Android simulators available on the web. Bluestacks is most reputed and standard which we are going to use.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks.
  2. Search for Dhoom 3 Game and double click on it.
  3. Now you are done with all procedures, and ready to play Dhoom 3 Game.

Dhoom 3 Android Game APK Free Download:

We are providing APK File for this game.  This file is completely spam free. There are no malicious softwares or surveys.

Dhoom 3 Game APK Free Download

Why you should download Dhoom 3 APK file:

Once you download APK file in your computer, you can use this file for offline installation on Android Smart phone or PC. It’s the added benefit of APK file. After playing any game you can unistall it and

some times you want to play that game you can again install it. You don’t need interent access for that. The main difference between APK install and Google Play is, APK works as offline installer.

Install Dhoom 3 Android Game from Google play store

If you own Android smart phone you can directly install Dhoom 3 Android game from Google Play.

Click here to get official link of Google Play for installing Dhoom 3 Game on your smart phone.

Install Dhoom 3 Game for iPad,iPhone from iTunes store:

Dhoom 3 is also available for iOS users.

Install Dhoom 3 Game for iPad,iPhone from iTunes store

Install Dhoom 3 Game for Windows Phone:

Fire up your Nokia Lumia or Windows phones and Tablets to play Dhoom 3. Link below takes you the Windows market from where you can install the game.

Install Dhoom 3 Game for windows phone


Install  Dhoom 3 Game for Blackberry .

Features of Dhoom 3 game:

Dhoom 3 game is the combination of endless running games like Subway surfers and Bike racing games like Highway Rider etc. You drive the bike where 2 other bikes are chasing you and you have spcial boosters like magnet, 2x multiplier which are found in endless running games. Th game is exciting and loved by majority if users. Let us know your response on the game.

User Reviews and Ratings of Dhoom 3 Game:

Dhoom series is loved by the users and the most of the responses and reviews are positive. In average it has got the rating of 4.4 from Android users. The current version of Dhoom 3 the game is 1.0.5. With movie set to release on Christmas the game plays important role in movie promotion.

Traditional way of film promotion:

5 years back, movie stars used to visit any event or college campus, mall etc for promotions. Still they managed to get limited attention depending on how famous the star is? Even now a days movie stars simply visit the  high TRP television shows like comedy nights with kapil or jhalak dikhalaja.

Benefits of using gaming platform:

The main audience of bollywood movie is young crowd. So they come up with idea for attracting young crowd with gaming. Most of the youngsters spend hours on playing android games. Movie producers neglected this before. Unofficial movie games went viral all the time. So finally producers now coming with official games.

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